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Optimum Recruitments is located in Frederick, Maryland. We provide candidates for companies nationwide and international.

Our goal is create an environment for people from different backgrounds who possess the expertise, knowledge and credentials the opportunity to create a dynamic and diverse workforce. We make it a priority to remove the day to day stress from hiring managers and allow for a focus on operations.

Optimum Recruitment’s founder always had the vision of providing service that would benefit individuals on both ends of the spectrum from candidates to hiring managers. Out of the vision came the idea of Optimum Recruitments to have a team of smart, diverse, dedicated, and inspiring professionals.

Optimum Recruitments offers great attention to detail and talent recognition abilities which are necessary to make successful matches for each job order. We pride ourselves to deliver fast response times, service quality, and highly qualified applicants in global staffing and recruiting operations.

Our superior virtual service offers screening, recruiting, skills evaluation, interview readiness training,

employee counseling, and resume creation. We look forward to be being your company’s personal concierge service when you need us.